Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

So I just wanted to post a few of these pictures real quick. My brithday was this last Saturday, and it was great. Brynne and I got the keys to our house (which is sooo exciting!) and then we went out to lunch with Meagan, Abe, Hudson, and Kaitlyn. I always enjoy spending time with them, and really am looking forward to living closer to them again. Anyways, then that night Michael had planned to take me out for my birthday, but didn't tell me where. It was really sweet.. he showed up to pick me up with 2 boquets of flowers (which I was secretly hoping he would bring me flowers, and not only did I get 1, but I got 2 kinds lol) Then he took me to As You Wish, which by the way is a great date idea. I've gone with a friend of mine a few times, but Michael and I had so much fun painting and talking and laughing at all the different colors we were trying to make blend together. It was a very fun time, we'll just have to see how the cookie jar we painted with almost every different color turns out.

After we finished at As You Wish we went to dinner at Macayos, which was very yummy. Then we went out to my new house so he could see it, since he's never actually made it out there with me. It was a great time, and I appreciated the thought he put into planning the things we did. You see, everything we did was something I had mentioned at one time or another, so it was really very sweet.

This is what the Cookie Jar looked like when we finished painting it, before it went into the fire thing to come out all nice and shiny lol.

Here's the flowers he brought me - before I had a chance to put them in vases. I thought they were so pretty!

Thanks to everyone for your Birthday wishes! It was a very fun day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Official!

Yea! It's official... I am now a homeowner! Brynne and I closed on our house today! We went this morning for our walk through at 9:30, and thankfully Meagan came with us. Lets just say she is very detail oriented, and isn't afraid to point things out and speak her mind (I wish I was a little more like this in my life). Without her there today I would have found things after the fact when I couldn't do anything about it, but since she was able to come there was plenty of orange tape for the workers to take care of :) I need to thank both Meagan and Abe for all their help throughout this whole home-buying process. I must say it has made things a whole lot easier (and even more fun) than I had imagined. Now Meagan will have to deal with me living close to her again, haha. Actually, it is all her fault anyways... both times now she has had something to do with the places I have chosen. I am very excited to be living close to her family again, and I am super excited for Brynne and I to start moving into our new house! Thankfully Brynne and I get along very well living together, it's nice to have a sister for a roommate. Anyways, then at 2:00 I had to be in Scottsdale to sign the docs, making it all official. The place is super cute! And I can't wait to get the walls painted and start moving in. I'll put up some more pictures soon!