Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Update and Addresses

3 weeks from today and I can barely contain myself :) I am getting more and more excited the closer Septebmer 18th gets! For those of you that didn't already know, Mike and I will be sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple on September 18th, 2009, and will be having a reception that evening. Did I already mention how excited I am?!
Anyways, this last week has been dedicated to getting our Wedding Announcements finished and mailed out. While I was compiling addresses I realized that there are still quite a few I am missing. Soooo if you could all please do me a favor and email me your address that would be great! If you have given it to me recently, then I do already have it, but if you are unsure or have moved in the last few months, then please email your address to me at so I can send you an invite!
Wedding plans are moving along, and things are coming together rather nicely. I am very lucky to have great family and friends that are so willing to help and do everything they can to make it as stress-free for me as possible (not to mention a fiance who has been great with me and my "breakdown moments" as there have been a few). I don't think I realized how much really goes into planning a Wedding Reception. I mean, I had my checklist and my books and magazines, but there are still so many things that take a lot of planning and time, all for a 2 hour reception lol. I am very excited for it to all come together! And the most important part of the day will of course be the Temple, where Mike and I will be sealed for time and all eternity - I SO cannot wait for that.
Meagan threw me a very nice Bridal Shower this last Saturday. Yummy food + Great family and friends + all about me (and awesome presents) = Awesome Day! Thank You so much Meagan, I had such a great time! I will have to post a few pictures when I get them from my sister :)