Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Update and Addresses

3 weeks from today and I can barely contain myself :) I am getting more and more excited the closer Septebmer 18th gets! For those of you that didn't already know, Mike and I will be sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple on September 18th, 2009, and will be having a reception that evening. Did I already mention how excited I am?!
Anyways, this last week has been dedicated to getting our Wedding Announcements finished and mailed out. While I was compiling addresses I realized that there are still quite a few I am missing. Soooo if you could all please do me a favor and email me your address that would be great! If you have given it to me recently, then I do already have it, but if you are unsure or have moved in the last few months, then please email your address to me at so I can send you an invite!
Wedding plans are moving along, and things are coming together rather nicely. I am very lucky to have great family and friends that are so willing to help and do everything they can to make it as stress-free for me as possible (not to mention a fiance who has been great with me and my "breakdown moments" as there have been a few). I don't think I realized how much really goes into planning a Wedding Reception. I mean, I had my checklist and my books and magazines, but there are still so many things that take a lot of planning and time, all for a 2 hour reception lol. I am very excited for it to all come together! And the most important part of the day will of course be the Temple, where Mike and I will be sealed for time and all eternity - I SO cannot wait for that.
Meagan threw me a very nice Bridal Shower this last Saturday. Yummy food + Great family and friends + all about me (and awesome presents) = Awesome Day! Thank You so much Meagan, I had such a great time! I will have to post a few pictures when I get them from my sister :)


Cara Jones said...

CONGRATS again!!! I don't think we will be able to be there, but I am SOOO excited for you and know it will be a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!! COngratulations again!!!

ps...I think I gave you my address after you told me the great news, but if you still need it let me know!

Samantha and Daniel Phillips said...

Cangratulations again, We're so excited for you!!