Friday, April 18, 2008

Biggest Loser

I have always thought this show had a great concept, and have loved seeing the transformations that happen with the contestants physically, and in other aspects of their lives. Before this season I had never actually watched a whole season of the show, but for some reason I was excited for the Couples Biggest Loser, and was drawn in on the first episode. I have absolutely LoVeD the whole thing. There is just something about watching the happiness that comes to these contestants as they drop the weight each week that is a huge motivator to me in my efforts to reach my own weight loss goals. Its exciting to say that I am down 20 lbs since making the decision to take control of my weight. I'm sure I would do much better in my excersizing efforts if I had Bob or Jillian pushing me all the time! This show is proof that with determination, eating right, lots of excersize, and believing you are worth it, weight loss is possible.

For the first time in the Biggest Loser history this years winner is a woman. Congratulations to Ali and all the other Biggest Loser contestants on their weight loss success!
Ali's transformation: Starting Weight = 234 ~ Ending Weight = 122 ~ Total Weight Loss = 112