Thursday, July 3, 2008

Caylee's Graduation!

I cannot believe Caylee has already graduated High School! (Well she graduated like 2 months ago, but I am so behind on my blogging! lol) You always hear people talking about how certain things make them feel old, and this is one of those for me. It is so fun to think that Caylee is at this new place in her life, with limitless possibilities. Change can be such a good thing, and I remember being at the stage she is at right now, and having it be the coolest thing ever. I am so proud of her and the wonderful person she is. She truly is beautiful on the inside and out. She and a few of her friends had a little party to celebrate, and there were lots of pictures taken at that and on the night of Graduation. Here are some of those pictures for you all to see...

They had the party at Tatums house, and they had these little displays set up for each of the kids. They were all so super cute!

Tatum, Zach, Colby, and Caylee! I thought this picture was so fun!
Caylee, Dylan and Brynne
Best Friends! Tatum and Kylie are two of Caylees bestest friends ever. They are so adorable all together, and have so much fun when they are all together.

Graduation Night!!!

Horray for the graduates!This picture was so funny.. I was taking it of Dylan, my dad, and Caylee, and then Brynne ran into it real quick just like that lol. It was pretty funny.
It's always about the graduation dress, which you barely get to see because it's covered by the robe the whole time... which is why you get fun pictures like this one. Super cute outfits girls!

Caylee moved to Las Vegas about a month ago and is living with my Dad and Cathy. She is working at Smiles for Life, learning the ropes and getting her foot in the door for what she hopes to have as a career someday. She is going to go to Community College starting this next semester for a couple years and then her plan is to become a dental hygienist. :)